101 benefits to selling your house to a local investor

Join the many homeowners who have been successful selling their house to an investor.

101 Benefits To Selling Your House To A Local Investor

101 Benefits To Selling Your House To A Local Investor:

1. We buy houses cash

2. You can save thousands by avoiding foreclosure and realtor commissions

3. You can “sell my house fast” as-is, saving yourself thousands on repairs

4. We take the stress out of moving by not requiring you to clean up the property. Just take what you want, and we’ll take care of the rest

5. Schedule closing for when it’s convenient for you, whether it’s 5 days or 5 weeks, we are willing to work on your time frame

6. Stop foreclosure and eliminate the headaches and stress in your life that may be caused by a property

7. We use an easy 1-2-3-4 approach as cash home buyers

Step 1 – take two minutes to contact us today or call with us with details at 215.346.5919
Step 2 – schedule a walk through of the property
Step 3 – come to an agreement
Step 4 – collect your money at closing

8. We buy all types of property: residential, multi-family, commercial, lots, land, foreclosure help, and more. Contact us today at 215.346.5919

9. We handle all problem tenants, eliminating nightmare calls and any problems that come with landlording

10. We pay cash for houses. Sell your home to us and you will no longer have expensive property taxes, utilities, mortgage payments, insurance payments, etc.

11. “Sell my home fast.” We can eliminate the stress of liability, vandalism, and theft on properties

12. We can give you a no obligation offer within minutes, taking care of the waiting and wondering that occurs when selling your home on the market

13. We are cash house buyers and can customize the transaction to fit your needs, making the process as easy as possible for you

14. Stop Foreclosure! We have created hassle free sales to sellers for many years, so you can feel at ease in placing your trust with us.

15. We are a family owned business that will treat you like a person, not a number

16. We communicate directly with you, answering any questions you have

17. “Cash for my house!” If you are in a financial bind, avoid potential late payments or foreclosure

18. You have our guarantee that you are never under any obligation. To get more details or find out what our offer is to buy your home. Contact us today at 215.346.5919

19. We are known and trusted throughout the Philadelphia-South Jersey real estate community

20. We are members of the National Real Estate Investors Association and numerous Registered Investment Groups – all companies that adhere to the highest standards of ethical business practices

21. We protect your privacy and guarantee that all information is held in complete confidentiality

22. Unlike most buyers, we will not submit repair requests to you, therefore, allowing you to focus your time and energy on your move, not on the current state of your home

23. We can add convenience by buying multiple properties and portfolios at the same time

24. We can offer to buy non-real estate items that may help you settle an estate or move on with your life. Ex: furniture, vehicles, art, décor and more… in some, but not all cases

25. Unlike many investors, we don’t tie up your property. We either buy it or find an end investor in our investor network to buy the property, which offers you maximum exposure to sell your property

26. We handle all of the work, allowing you to relax and simply collect your money once the deal has closed

27. We make reasonable offers in the attempt to cut out unnecessary expenses for you and create a complete win-win scenario. Contact us today at 215.346.5919

28. Unlike retail buyers that may change their mind and decide to purchase a different home even after being under contract, we are 100% dedicated to closing the sale

29. You are not required to be present at closing if you choose not to be, you have the convenient option of having your money wired or mailed

30. We Pay Referral Fees! Know someone that needs to sell fast? We pay as much as $1,000 cash and sometimes more if we purchase the property

31. We use standard Real Estate contracts and adhere to the highest ethical standards

32. You wish to liquidate your property and transfer your equity to a less stressful or higher return investment alternative

33. We promise to return your call quickly, usually within the ¼ hour

34. We run our numbers prior to our offer, so we don’t have to back out of a contract last minute or without notice, therefore, offering you the highest assurance that your home will be sold. Contact us today at 215.346.5919

35. There are no financing contingencies that exist when using a realtor and a buyer’s conventional lender for most transactions

36. There are no inspection contingencies that exist when using a realtor and a buyer’s conventional lender for most transactions

37. Even if you elect not to sell your home, we may have some helpful ideas for you

38. You tried selling For Sale By Owner to avoid Realtor commissions, but were unsuccessful

39. You are in need of fast money whether it is to live, pay for college, to travel, pay for medical expenses, etc.

40. If necessary, in some cases you can stay in the house even after the closing, allowing you extra time to make plans

41. We will totally eliminate your need to bring the property up to current building codes

42. We can pay your closing cost fees, saving you thousands of dollars

43. We can customize the sale process based on your needs, making it as hassle-free as possible. Contact us today at 215.346.5919

44. We guarantee a quick home sale which will help alleviate some of the maintenance costs that arise while still living in your home

45. You would like as little problem disclosure, conversation, and negotiation as possible while selling your home

46. We will buy, in some cases, when no one else will

47. Selling a house in probate? You need to liquidate a trust and the properties within it

48. We can buy your promissory notes for cash, in some cases

49. You have become the guardian to a loved one, and need to assist in selling their property hassle free

50. To make the probate process easier after the loss of a loved one

51. You will not have to worry about your listing expiring with a Realtor or their inability to sell the property within 3,6, months

52. We are not concerned with any extreme renovations: foundation, roof, walls, termites, plumbing, electric, framing, siding, windows, kitchens, HVAC, flooring…no problem. Contact us today at 215.346.5919

53. You are being forced to quickly relocate and are looking to sell your home fast

54. You want to take advantage of purchasing a different property using a 1031 exchange

55. We guarantee that we will never charge a fee to view or make an offer on your property

56. Real estate agents cannot guarantee that your home will be sold…we can

57. You don’t have to worry about the volatile economy or real estate market, we will still buy your home

58. We can help reduce the stress of a mortgage payment if you have recently become disabled or laid off

59. Your home has been on the market with a realtor for many months and your desire to sell has become more urgent. Sell today by calling 215.346.5919

60. You tried to refinance, but didn’t qualify

61. You are going through a divorce and need to sell your house

62. You have an adjustable rate loan that is about to skyrocket

63. You’ve been thinking about selling. An easy and fast home sale is your top priority. Contact us today at 215.346.5919

64. The kids have grown up and moved out and you are looking to downsize

65. As you get older, a large house becomes more difficult to care for

66. You need or would like to live closer to your family and, therefore, would like to move asap

67. Your neighborhood might have changed for the worse, economically, socially or physically. For example: a commercial strip mall is about to be built next door

68. Your kids are starting college and in order to fund tuition, you need to lower your mortgage payment fast

69. You deal directly with us and us only, leaving out the mess of appraisers, inspectors, lenders, unreasonable buyers and title companies

70. “Save me from foreclosure!” You bought a house before yours sold and you are no longer able to make two mortgage payments while waiting for the old home to sell

71. You’re making payments on an empty house

72. You need to settle an estate as fast and easy as possible

73. The economy has left you unable to rent your house to tenants at a price that will cover mortgage payments, taxes and insurance

74. Your last tenants left the house in irreparable shape

75. You are simply too busy to deal with a real estate agent and their intensive home sale process

76. You are in jeopardy of having to file for bankruptcy. Avoid foreclosure now… How the foreclosure process works.

77. The house has lien(s) or title problem(s) which deter you from making an immediate sale. We can fix that for you so you can sell today

78. We are direct and honest, and know exactly what we can pay for your property so we will not waste your time. Call today at 215.346.5919

79. We won’t back out on the contract last minute. If we make you an offer, we will stick to it

80. We don’t have to be pre-qualified by a lender, removing the potential problem that arises when a buyer does not qualifying for the purchase of your home

81. Your house is too expensive to keep up with and you would like to avoid further deterioration that might occur during a lengthy home sale

82. Your house’s curb appeal is dated and unappealing to buyers, therefore it may sit on the market for much longer than you had anticipated

83. We are experts in evaluating the current costs in the housing market, plus repairs, and know exactly what your house is worth in its current condition

84. We do not put buyer “outs” in the contract that allows them to back out at anytime

85. With all of the new energy ordinances and rules, it may be too expensive to renovate your house up to an acceptable grade

86. If your house is older, it may not be as attractive to today’s buyers who are looking for more green living alternatives

87. You wish to simplify your own life by renting instead of owning

88. You’re moving to an assisted living facility

89. Many Realtors insist that you relocate your pets while the home is on the market (3, 6 months?), potentially having to board them at $40, or more/day. When we buy your property, your pets will always be with you where they belong

90. We can often help stop the foreclosure process as soon as a contract is in place. “Stop my foreclosure!”

91. You were originally going to put your home on the market, but the pre-sale inspection revealed necessary renovations that are too costly

92. Your house has undesirable design or function characteristics

93. You are skeptical of being taken advantage of by a real estate agent during the home sale process

94. You have children and/or pets and are unable to keep the house in a condition that is appealing and sellable to the usual prospective buyers

95. City code violations are becoming costly and you want to rid yourself of the problem as soon as possible

96. The city scheduled to demolish your condemned property

97. You are trying to move, but can’t buy a new home until your current property is sold

98. You are looking to retire and would like a much smaller mortgage payment

99. You do not want strangers in and out of your house at odd hours while trying to sell your home

100. You are looking for the most direct way to accomplish the sale of your house. Other Seller Benefits really make the most sense to you

101. We stop foreclosure fast and give you a cash offer, make it hassle free, close as fast as you like, and bring you peace of mind. Contact us today at 215.346.5919 or 4kProperties.com

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101 Benefits To Selling Your House To A Local Investor