how to walk away from your mortgage in sewell nj

The decision is far from easy! Should I walk away, should I stay and tread water until I drown anyhow? It’s tough…

How To Walk Away From Your Mortgage In Sewell NJ

Just the thought is enough to make you feel sick on the stomach, but you’re not alone. Across the country homeowners are faced with this very same dilemma. “Should I stay, or should I walk away?” Walking away from your mortgage is called a “strategic default” by industry standards.

How to walk away from your mortgage in Sewell NJ… depending on how you walk away from your mortgage, will determine how it affects your credit, liability, and assets going forward. New Jersey is not a “non-recourse” state, so any assets you have may be exposed to your mortgage company taking action against those assets to cure your debt (mortgage default).

So, when you’re ready to walk away from your mortgage… be sure to contact us so we can show you “how to walk away from your mortgage in Sewell NJ” without further negatively affecting your credit, or exposing yourself or any assets you may have to legal action from your mortgage company.

“Strategic Default” (how to walk away from your mortgage in Sewell NJ)

how to walk away from your mortgage in sewell njNo one buys a home with the intention of defaulting on the mortgage. Buying your own home is a big part of the American Dream. Unfortunately, for some homeowners, a time comes when continuing to make payments on a losing investment starts to look pretty futile. If you are writing checks for a mortgage that is upside down each and every month, you’re just not going to see any possibility of an upside in the near future, if at all. We can help! We can help you save your credit and protect yourself and your assets from your mortgage company should you decide to walk away from your mortgage.

“Walking away,” or strategic default, as its known in the real estate business, is the act of voluntarily defaulting on a mortgage. Should you walk away from your home? And if you do, what types of consequences can you expect? Underwater mortgages are the main reason why some homeowners choose to walk away from their homes.

If done correctly, “walking away or strategic default” could be the best decision you’ve made, since you made the decision to buy your own home. If done incorrectly, you could severely damage your credit and expose yourself, as well as any assets you have remaining, to litigation from your mortgage company. This is a process that you should not navigate alone. We have over 30 years experience helping homeowners just like solve complicated real estate matters that attorneys nor realtors can. How to walk away from your mortgage in Sewell NJ… Keep reading!

Although there are many reasons why a homeowner may want to walk away from their mortgage, here are the most common reasons why most homeowners decide to walk away, or strategically default:

  • Property is underwater (owe more than it is worth)
  • To get the same type of home, or more, for less money
  • Get out of debt and build savings
  • Less responsibility
  • By-pass the short sale process

how to walk away from your mortgage in sewell njWhat consequences can you expect if you walk away from your mortgage? Well, if you decide to go it alone, or decline to take advantage of our 30 years of experience, here’s what to expect:

  • You’ll kill your credit
  • You won’t be able to own again for years
  • There will be tax implications to deal with
  • Your assets will be exposed
  • Could have trouble renting

Our solutions help you to avoid severely damaging your credit and tax implications, while protecting your assets, and making sure you have no trouble renting or buying another home.

Find out how to walk away from your mortgage in Sewell NJ without exposing yourself to further headache and complications…

how to walk away from your mortgage in sewell nj

How To Walk Away From Your Mortgage In Sewell NJ

Needless to say this is a big step for you. One that you have probably been contemplating for some time now. You’re not alone… there are many homeowners across the country facing this very same decision. This could wind up being a decision with a positive outcome, or this decision could wind up affecting you, your credit, and your assets for many years to come. It all comes down to how you proceed. That will determine your outcome. Why make things any worse than they already are? Protect your credit, your assets, and yourself!

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