landlord transition program

Landlord Transition Program

Landlord Transition Program. Do you own rental property that you would like to sell, but in this market you just don’t feel like wasting your time listing with a realtor, only to deal with broken promises and an unsold property? It’s okay if you have just had it with the landlord routine. We buy houses from frustrated landlords like you. 4k Properties offers a landlord transition program that can help you make a smooth and lucrative transition from landlord to successful seller. We are serious home buyers, and pay cash for houses just like yours.

Here is what we have to offer:

  1. Get out of the landlord business fast (“sell my house fast”)
  2. Stop getting calls in the middle of the night about repairs or maintenance
  3. Stop going to landlord tenant court
  4. Stop foreclosure (if you need foreclosure help)
  5. Sell your property for asking price

We can place a qualified Rent To Own tenant in your property who would be responsible for the maintenance and repair of your property during the Rent To Own term. At the end of the term I will help this tenant qualify for a mortgage, for your full asking price. It’s that simple!

Our rent to own program works great for landlords who are ready to be sellers, and renters who are ready to be owners. The traditional way of buying and selling property is quickly becoming obsolete. Have you been wondering “how can I sell my home fast?” First of all, sellers are tired of listing their properties with realtors and no sale happens, or they wind up paying excessive commissions. Most of the time no sale happens. We are cash house buyers, and you should consider our landlord transition program if you are ready to sell your rental property and get out of the landlord business. Are you trying to avoid foreclosure? We can help with that too. Oh, and did I mention that our services cost you nothing? Okay, I know, “if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Not in this case.” Rent To Own tenants pay an option fee, sort of like when you list a rental with an agent, the agency gets a fee. But, that fee comes out of your pocket. We don’t charge you anything, nor does our fee come out of your proceeds. The tenant pays us via an option fee for the privilege of renting to own. Again, it’s that simple!

If you are looking to get out of the landlord business in the near or distant future, fill out the short form below!

Landlord Transition Program | Philadelphia – South Jersey

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